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MountainFlyers Project

The Paragliding Simulator

What is Mountain Flyers ?

With MountainFlyers we aim to provide a realistic and entertaining paragliding simulation available on a large range of platform from desktop to smartphone.

We hope you will soon have fun with our simulator , discovering paragliding trough it or just having fun during the rainy days.

The project started as a side project for Batiste during his studies.

With Adrien we are now 2 working on the project and we are still thinking about possibilities for pushing the project further.

Flying In MountainFlyers

MountainFlyers is based on a physics simulation system.

We calculate forces applying to the wing and to the pilot in realtime all along the flight.

It allow us to provide an accurate simulation with a similar handling as in real life.

This physics based system should allow us to simulate a large range of paragliding equipment in game and we hope we will be able to integrate real wings and harness in the future of the game.

Whether you are a Cross Country or an Acro pilot you will find the material that fit you !

MountainFlyers Environment

We are using real world terrain data in order to create the game levels. It will allow you to discover new flying location and why not getting ready for you next cross country flight !

In the first version of the simulator you’ll be able to fly in the hometown spot of the team : Annecy !

How is the development going ?

Even if Batiste is working on the project since 3 years it’s still in an early stage.

The Simulation Physics is already working pretty well but we are still working on some issues when exiting the flight domain.

We will try to release an alpha version of the simulator as soon as possible.